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Author Bio

Andrew Zerling is a black-belt martial artist with over two decades of experience in a variety of styles. His work has appeared in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts and Black Belt Magazine with Brazilian jiu-jitsu master Renzo Gracie. Andrew’s first article with Renzo Gracie, The Neck: The Grappler’s Secret Weapon, was fully featured in the book The Ultimate Guide to Grappling published by Black Belt Books. Andrew has also earned a B.S. in biology from Temple University in Philadelphia and has been a technical writer for the food and drug industry. Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts: Winning Clinches, Takedowns, and Tactics is Andrew’s first book. Andrew Zerling resides in Rumson, New Jersey.

Book Summary

This innovative book demonstrates how the study of sumo wrestling techniques can benefit practitioners of modern mixed martial arts (MMA), as well as other grappling arts. Sumo, Japan’s ancient martial art, has its own particular variations of MMA-style body locks, throws, and trips, among other techniques. MMA competitors know their sport grew with the evolution of jujitsu, but many do not realize sumo can be seen as the root of jujitsu. Sumo uses distraction, angles, and leverage to steal an opponent’s balance and take him down. MMA competitors, grapplers, wrestlers, and fans of sumo will appreciate the author’s analysis and attention to detail. They will also come away with a wealth of new techniques.


Book Info: Vital Stats

  • Title: Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts
  • Subtitle: Winning Clinches, Takedowns, and Tactics
  • Genre: Mixed Martial Arts
  • ISBN: ISBN-10: 1594394091
  • ISBN-13: 978-1594394096
  • No. of pages: 200
  • Formats available: Print and eBook
  • Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
  • Release date: October 1, 2016


“I recommend this Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts book to those who want to improve their grappling.”

Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, Former UFC LHW Champion

“A valuable addition to the library of anyone with an interest in either sumo or MMA – or both.”

Mark A. Buckton, Japan Times sumo writer

“Andrew Zerling has done us all a service by taking what has been commonly regarded as a compartmentalized martial sport, Sumo, and allowing us a peek inside its history and principles and giving us the opportunity to see how rich this vein of information can be to inform the modern incarnation of MMA.“

Mark Hatmaker, Bestselling author of 13 titles including the No Holds Barred Fighting Series

“I am so pleased that Andrew Zerling has written his outstanding book, Sumo For MMA. Anyone interested in combative sports or self-defense would be wise to explore the methods of sumo, and Mr. Zerling’s book is the perfect entrée. Sumo For MMA will expand your understanding of close range combat, including throws, open hand strikes, and takedown defense. I highly recommend Mr. Zerling’s book.”

Burton Richardson, Black Belt Magazine Self-Defense Instructor of the Year 2015 – Black Belt Hall of Fame


“I find the correlation, comparisons, and similarities between grappling styles and cultural origins fascinating. This is a captivating book, well researched and thought out, truly enlightening for all who love the grappling arts.”

Chris Haueter, 5th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

“The ancient art of Sumo isn’t about 400-pound mountains of flesh smashing into one another but rather a sophisticated fighting art based on precise timing and well-honed techniques. Andrew Zerling’s unique and information crammed Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts uses high-quality pics and easy to follow instruction guaranteed to take your up-close-and-personal fighting skill to the next level.”

Loren W. Christensen, author and veteran martial artist

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Interview topic ideas that are relevant to my book, Sumo for MMA. Gives the reviewer / reporter / site owner some food for thought.

  1. How long have you studied the martial arts?
  2. What have you studied?
  3. Have you been published before this book?
  4. What got you interested in sumo wrestling?
  5. How did your book, Sumo for MMA, come about?
  6. What is sumo wrestling?
  7. Why do most sumo wrestlers have a big barrel belly bottom heavy body?
  8. Are there any famous martial artists that have done sumo?
  9. Are there any famous mixed martial arts fighters that have done sumo?
  10. How old is sumo compared to jujitsu?
  11. How is sumo related to jujitsu and MMA?
  12. What is the most relevant link between sumo and MMA?
  13. Why is the standing clinch so important in single unarmed combat?
  14. Who are your target readers?
  15. What makes your book different compared to all the other grappling books out there?
  16. How does your book benefit the martial artist?

News Pegs

(How the book ties into contemporary issues)

Japan’s ancient and popular martial art is greatly overlooked in the West. This book focuses on sumo’s winning moves, with special emphasis on how smaller players can win against larger players. Since sumo techniques allow a small players to take down larger opponents, there are clearly benefits in sumo for other martial arts, particularly in mixed martial arts (MMA) and other grappling arts. Modern MMA grew mostly out of jujitsu, and sumo can be seen as the root of jujitsu. Sumo, then, is ultimately one of the major roots of modern MMA. Sumo and modern MMA may look vastly different, but if it were not for the great technical fighting advancements of ancient sumo there probably would be no MMA as we know it today.

Info on my target readers

MMA competitors, grapplers, wrestlers, and fans of sumo would be the target readers for my Sumo for MMA book. The link between sumo and other martial arts has never been deeply explored in a book before. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA are two of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and sumo has much to contribute to both. Many think they know what sumo is, but what they know is only the surface. This book goes far beyond the surface to uncover theory and techniques that can be of tremendous benefit to many martial artists.

Sample Writing

Link to my Grapplearts sumo article for a sample of my writing: http://www.grapplearts.com/sumo-wrestling-practical-techniques-for-the-martial-artist/